Combating Risk & Fraud

We are a coalition of organizations across the payments ecosystem dedicated to collaborating on identifying, detecting, and implementing best practices to combat complex fraud.

Key Risk Indicators (KRI)

Actively measuring prevention, mitigation, and recovery effectiveness via the creation of KRIs.

Driving Costs Down

Working to decrease overall costs associated with fraud detection, intervention and recovery.

Shared Resources

Our members share data, analysis and insights that assist in identifying and exposing fraud.

Network with Experts

Providing community perspective for members’ fraud reduction initiatives.

Disaster Avoidance

Expertise in detecting, exposing and mitigating fraud within an evolving payments industry

C-Level Sounding Board

Collective knowledge-base providing additional perspective, analytics and considerations.

About the

Financial Fraud Consortium

A global concern unites our members. Fraud and the considerable financial and reputational risk that this multi-faceted threat poses. The Financial Fraud Consortium aligns our numerous resources to promote open discussion around effective methods to increase transaction processing efficiency and enable practical countermeasures while balancing a positive customer experience.

Industry Insights

Helpful Resources

Members of the Financial Fraud Consortium collaborate and share valuable resources. We are offering the following articles and white papers to help guide you and show a fraction of what the FFC offers its members. 


5 Ways to Prevent Covid & Unemployment Insurance Fraud

5 Ways to Prevent Covid & Unemployment Insurance Fraud

As reported by multiple news outlets, Unemployment Fraud reached epic heights during the pandemic. With the need to provide relief to many American quickly and an overwhelmed system, fraudsters were successfully able to apply for and receive benefits.

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5 Ways to Prevent Account Takeover Fraud

5 Ways to Prevent Account Takeover Fraud

Account takeover fraud is a type of cybercrime or identity theft where a third-party gains access to (or “takes over”) an online account, such as an e-mail address, bank account, or social media profile.

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White Papers

The Strength of Data

The Power of Collaboration

“We have been able to refine our processes through partners within the organization. The resources have been very beneficial.”
~ Catherine – Financial Institution Director

“The data shared has allowed us to catch multiple trends for our clients”
~ Maria – Pre-Paid Processing Director

“Our organization is smaller and the advantage of getting insight from other member companies has been extremely valuable as we continue to grow.”
~ Jim – Payment Processing Program Manager