As reported by multiple news outlets, Unemployment Fraud reached epic heights during the pandemic. With the need to provide relief to many American quickly and an overwhelmed system, fraudsters were successfully able to apply for and receive benefits.

Below are some best practices in detecting COVID/Unemployment Insurance Fraud that can reduce the risks:

1. Screen

Screening applicant/enrollee by SSN to determine if they have applied under another name or for another agency

2. Validate

Validate any applicant who does not reside in the state where the unemployment funds are being disbursed

3. Review

Review enrollee IP Address to determine if more than 1 person is applying from the same location

4. Partner

Partner with a company who can validate the applicant/enrollee via documentary methods (ie: Selfies accompanied with a valid government ID)

5. Scan

Scan enrollee/applicant for commonalties with other enrollee/applicants (ie: common email addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses)