Collaborate. Educate. Mitigate.

Who We Are

Our founding members are united by a common concern. We recognize that fraud results in considerable financial losses and poses a significant reputational risk. Ongoing expenses for preventing, detecting, and responding to fraud further increases direct costs.

Fundamentally, we have joined forces to discuss ways we can increase the efficiency of transaction processing and enable effective countermeasures while balancing the customer experience. We are all stronger when we work together.

Stop Complex Fraud

Our Mission

To mobilize the consortiums’ expertise to proactively detect, expose and mitigate fraud within all facets of the rapidly evolving payments industry


Members of the Financial Fraud Consortium fully understand that the evolving payments ecosystem is always at ever-increasing risk. As fraud increases in frequency and sophistication, collaboration plays a vital part in preventing, detecting, and responding to events to mitigate considerable financial losses or significant risk to reputation in the marketplace.


Andrea Valentin, US Bank

Andrea Lee Valentin, CFE, CAMS, CFCS has over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry and is currently a VP, Prepaid Operations at US Bank/FSV Payment Systems, Inc. She has a BA in accounting from the University of Central Florida and a MBA in Economic Crime and Fraud Management from Utica College. Andrea’s case, Small Town Boys, appears in Joseph Wells’ “Internet Fraud Casebook: The World Wide Web of Deceit”.

Andrea is a founding member of the Financial Fraud Consortium (FFC) and previous secretary, serves on the ACFE Scholarship foundation as the chair, and is an advisory board member to the Northeast Florida Chapter of the Association of Certified Financial Crime Specialists (ACFCS).


Lisa-Marie Braun, Mastercard

As VP of Products in the North America Cyber & Intelligence Solutions team at Mastercard, Lisa-Marie Braun is focused on innovation, artificial intelligence, and enabling brand agnostic fraud mitigation capabilities.  Lisa brings a unique perspective having over 14 years of experience in investigations, fraud mitigation rule writing, and product management.



Brent West, USA Digital Communications

Brent West is the President of USA Digital Communications. Brent helped build the USAD network from the ground up and now focuses on driving the company forward through establishing new technologies, finding new talent and focusing on strategic partnerships. USA Digital Communications provides data and voice solutions and has built a unique set of fraud services to meet our customer needs.

Prior to joining USAD Digital Brent held positions at, PSINet and AT&T.


Ernie Moran, Brightwell

In his role, Ernie is responsible for bringing the Arden product to market successfully. He oversees product development and sales, supports customer relations, and touches anything else that’s necessary for delivering the product to clients.

Before he started leading the development of Arden, Ernie was Brightwell’s Senior Vice President of Sales. Prior to his time at Brightwell, Ernie served as SVP of Sales for Merchant e-Solutions, an IT service management company with a background similar to Brightwell’s where he led large channels of partner development. He also has additional experience leading the strategy and sales efforts of high-growth organizations Elavon and First Data, and he came to Brightwell with a dynamic background with lots of experience managing and leading in tech.

Director at Large


Bill is the Customer Success Manager for ENACOMM, a provider of innovative, interactive and intelligent customer self-service applications to financial industry customers ranging from Prepaid/Debit/Payments to traditional Community Financial Institutions. Bill brings over thirty years of experience in Information Technology.

President Emeritus

Grant Rogers, Advantage Payment Systems

With over 25 years of experience in the payments arena, Grant Rogers has been a part of the growth and maturity of the prepaid and fintech business since its’ earliest stages. At First Data, Grant worked with prepaid and gift card partners who pioneered a new payments ecosystem and quickly recognized the potential of this new vertical market.

As Executive Vice-President and General Manager of Advantage Payment Services, Grant is responsible for the overall management, development and delivery of services. APS has enjoyed strong success under Grant’s leadership and has attracted strategic partnerships with MetaBank, Bancorp and others. The APS team prides itself on honesty, integrity and fairness.

Executive Director

Rebekka Rea, IPS

Rebekka Rea is a multi-faceted payments industry veteran. Her career spans over 15 years across payments, fintech, advertising, and association management, including co-founding the Retail Gift Card Association (RGCA).